Experience the Power of Pyrotechnics
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Green Impact

It is also our responsibility to conserve the environment and natural resources. Therefore, we aim to contribute by offering climate- and environmentally-friendly services and products.

Let's illuminate the future sustainably

Every day, we strengthen our conviction that green production is the right path for us and our clients. Together, we strive to preserve the planet for future generations and to become even more sustainable in all aspects of our projects.

„Our mission is simple. Let's solve the problems that others have ignored so far.“
Joe Becker, CEO


100% green electricity from renewable energy sources flows through our office.


The planning is finished! Now the installation of the solar system on the roof begins.


Our goal is to use mainly indoor pyro effects with paper tubes.

Concrete measures.
Sustainable effects.

100% green energy

Our office is operated with 100% renewable energy from green sources and LED lighting.

Solar energy

A photovoltaic system is currently being installed on the roof.

Travel transport

By using modern IT solutions and 3D fireworks animations, we are able to avoid internal staff travel or external appointments.

Public transportation

Our crew travels to projects mostly by local and long-distance public transportation. We only use cars, rental cars, and flights as exceptions.

Work equipment

If possible, only electric work equipment is used and rented additionally.

Euro 6 standard

Our sprinter and truck fleet is based on the Euro Gas6 standard and is already being revised with regard to future electric mobility.

We don't just talk, we take action.

Our clear goal is to reduce the amount of plastic and synthetic materials used in our pyrotechnic effects.

DIN standards

We work with highly qualified and environmentally friendly manufacturers and suppliers and only use effects that meet the DIN standard (CE marking).


We ensure that used pyrotechnic effects are properly disposed of and recycled.

Printed materials

We fundamentally avoid using paper-based documents both in the office and on projects. In unavoidable cases, we use recycled paper. This also applies to all office consumables.

Waste prevention

Waste separation and reduction are taken into account both in the office and on projects.


We avoid using disposable batteries whenever possible and have largely replaced them with rechargeable batteries.


We already offer eco-friendly confetti that completely decomposes in nature without leaving any residue.

Green consultant

All of our employees are actively involved and informed about the climate protection measures. We receive support from a green consultant.


We make voluntary contributions to climate protection in order to offset the CO2 emissions caused by our shows and events.


We already pay attention to environmentally friendly materials in our purchasing, and ensure that pyrotechnic effects burn up completely without leaving any special waste or environmental damage.

Fireworks are not a climate killer

A recent study by the VPI (Association of Pyrotechnic Industry) shows that professional fireworks make a minimal contribution to CO2 emissions in Germany. This is also confirmed by the Federal Environment Agency.

Low CO2 contribution

The Federal Environment Agency confirms that fireworks have a low emission share and do not cause significant pollution. For professional fireworks, the share is only 0.00013% compared to total CO2 emissions in Germany. A VW car emits 104g of CO2 per kilometer. Driving 600km corresponds to 62.4kg of CO2, which is equivalent to 20,000 pyrotechnic effects.

Low particulate matter

Fireworks cause less particulate matter pollution than road traffic. Studies by the VPI (Association of Pyrotechnic Industry) show that fireworks account for only 0.7% of annual particulate matter pollution. Short-term particulate matter pollution caused by fireworks disappears within a few hours, whereas emissions from combustion engines remain present every year.

„A first sustainable pyro project will not save the world. But it is a beginning.“
Joe Becker, CEO